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Choose Humility

  The Holy Spirit has been stirring my spirit regarding humility. The last couples of weeks have been a true test in this subject and have brought me to my knees, pouring out my heart with regards to pride and sin. As I began writing this prayer, which was intended to be shared at our churches corporate prayer night tonight, I realized this was the exact blog I’ve been talking about writing, but didn’t have the courage to sit and write. My hope is that we can all have a heart posture of humility to be more like Jesus and less like us. My desire is to draw closer to the Lord everyday that I have here on earth and my hope is the same for you. May this prayer be one that you all choose to join with me in today and may it enlighten you more to who God is and who He calls us to be. God of Angel Armies, we come boldly to Your throne room, which is the seat of all power and dominion. It’s the place where You rule over all principalities and powers and where You reign over the affairs of a