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Jesus is Coming!

I’m on a journey right now, one I can’t wait to share with you in full. As it’s unfolding for me each day, the picture becomes more evident of where the journey is ultimately taking me. Where each of our journey is taking us…what it is we’re all longing for and just waiting to be – with Jesus and in our home, heaven. I haven’t been at this faith walk for that long, but I’ve been committed long enough to know that Jesus is coming back for us. Today I have been doing what I do every day, nothing really new or different, except for what it is I pray these days. I have been asking my Daddy to show me exactly what it is He wants me to see so that I can continue to do His bidding. I want and need clear vision, so I tell Him that. In my studies of Scripture today, the Lord took me on a journey that couldn’t make things any more clear as to what is about to happen. I know, really know, that Jesus is coming back and He’s coming back soon. I believe He’s coming back in my lifetime. If all the