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Bunk Beds and Bathroom Chapels

So let me, for a few minutes, paint the picture for you. I live in a big room with 4 bunk beds, so the room holds up to 8 women. We each have our own space, an area that I consider sacred because it’s where I go to battle. I used to believe it was my peace zone because it’s where I sleep, rest, pray, talk to friends and family, study, write, worship, take communion and encounter the Holy Spirit. However it has been brought to my attention that it’s way more than all those things. I am a “stand in the victory” kind of person, but I have learned that in order to actually stand in the victory of the Lord, there has to be a battle. I’m not alone; I have come to find out, in this thinking or living. I have been graciously placed into a fold of women who have their own “war rooms” and one has her battleground in a tiny little bathroom. From the photos she has shared with me, it’s a tiny little box that barely fits the chair she has in her bathroom, where she spends her time in prayer, comm