Calling on His Glory

I found out yesterday that a 40-day corporate prayer and fast is occurring in several churches across the United States. There's been this sense of urgency in the Church since this past weekends event that occurred on the Washington DC mall lawn. It was estimated that approximately 10 million people all over the world partook in this monumental prayer day, Saturday September 26, 2020. I tuned in to the prayer day from my phone and found myself flat on the floor before Jesus, agreeing in the powerful prayers that went out for our Nations. The Word of God tells us that every person will know who God is so that they will have a choice to choose His Son, Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. It also says that EVERY KNEE WILL BOW to God, even the demons. The last harvest is what Jonathan Cahn called this time in our world and I have to agree with Him. My spirit has this sense of urgency to bring as many people to Jesus to further His Kingdom. In saying all this I invite you all to join me in this prayer I wrote. A call to all Nations and all people to confess and repent, accept the forgiveness that the Lord wants to bestow upon you so that you can forgive others.

 I encourage you to find a comfortable and quiet place, click on the link below or copy and paste it into another browser and soak in the worship as you join me in the prayer below:   (I Love the Way You Think by Misty Edwards)

Father God in Heaven, God of Angel Armies, Sovereign Lord, In the Mighty Name of Jesus,

Romans 9:15-16 says: For He says to Moses, "I will have mercy on whomever I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whomever I will have compassion." So then it is not of him who wills, nor of him who runs, but of God who shows mercy. (NKJV)

We come before you right now, humbly asking that You search out our hearts and show us what we need to confess and repent to You. Forgive us Father for the sins that we knowingly and unknowingly commit against You and Your children. Let this prayer not be hindered by the wickedness that exists in our human hearts to no fault of our own. Please Lord hear this prayer and the cry of Your people:

We thank You Lord, for Your abundant grace over us, thank You for the mercy that You have shown us as believers through Your Son, Jesus Christ. It is by Your grace and mercy that we're not consumed by Your wrath. Thank You Lord for the gift of Your Son, Jesus and the Blood He spilled on Calvary. Our Salvation and redemption were made possible by Him and Him alone. We thank You for this wonderful gift unto mankind. By Your mercy Father God, save us from the snare of the accuser and let us not be condemned by the judgement of the accuser. The Bible says, "let he that thinks he stands take heed for he may fall." So by Your grace, Jesus, keep us standing with You in faith so that we DO NOT miss You on the Day of Your return.

Our Heavenly Father, the Bible teaches us and makes us understand that it is not of man that wills or runs, but of You God that shows mercy. Concerning our endeavors, let Your mercy speak for us. Every closed door against our success and prosperity that will bring glory to You and further Your Kingdom, let them be open by Your mercy. Father God in Heaven, don't let us be consumed by sin any longer. Your grace has been made sufficient for us through Your grace; so now, endow us with Your grace to sin no more! Jesus, we come flat on our face, laying at Your feet, seeking forgiveness of our sins and iniquities. Your Word says that even if our sins are as red as scarlet, they will be made whiter than the purest snow. We ask that by Your grace, You purge and wash us away from our sin. Help us to always listen to YOUR instructions, giving us the grace to hearken to Your directives in Your Word. We don't want to do anything based on our mortal instinct anymore, so help us Lord, to obey You, even if the instruction may look stupid, help us to obey. 

Jesus, the Kindest King of all, by Your mercy and grace, grant us according to our hearts desire, which will bring You glory and that it will all be pointed back to You. Nothing is hidden in Your sight - You know our strengths and weaknesses. So please Father, provide our needs with precision this very day and all the days to follow, until You return. By Your grace, help us stand the test of time. Do not let trials, tribulations and temptations sweep us away from Your presence. Help our faith grow in You and You only. Lord God, You are the Creator of all things, let a ray of Your abundant Light penetrate the thick darkness of our needs in You. By Your grace, God of Mercy, help increase our level of spirituality. We know that the purpose of our existence as believers is to win more souls into Your Kingdom. Give us the grace to preach the Good News - JESUS - to unbelievers. Through Your mercy, help them come to the realization of You and let them know that You and You alone are God over all!

Lord God, we pray that You enhance us to grow old in You. Give us the grace NOT to be shaken by the signs and distractions of this end time. Help us Lord to gainfully attain our heavenly citizenship through Your Son, Jesus Christ. Our Almighty Father in Heaven, Your Word says we must pray for the good of Jerusalem, that those who love it shall prosper. So restore Jerusalem the good tidings of heaven. Let Your Light of Truth, Transparency and Love invade all the Nations and overshadow all the men and women at the corridor of power. In Jesus Mighty Name, help us to have forgiving spirits. We understand, we know that the nature of man is a brutal nature, so mercifully allow Your Holy Spirit inhabit the Nations and ALL the people. Allow Your Holy Spirit to fill us so that we will confess our sins and repent them unto You Almighty One, that we will be forgiven and we will desire to forgive everyone that has committed an atrocity against us.

Jesus, King above all kings, inhabit Your land with people who praise Your Name above all names and speak the Gospel of Truth in Love! You are so very faithful Lord Jesus, Your Love and Mercy will endure forever, You are Holy above all things. Please hear this prayer. We ask that Your Sovereign will fall upon this world, abounding in Your Truth, Your Love, Your Grace, and Your Mercy forever and ever, in the Mighty Name of Jesus, we all stand and say AMEN!

I urge you beloved, get ready, Jesus isn't a baby in the manger anymore, He isn't a broken man in the cross anymore, He didn't stay in the grave and He isn't going to stay in Heaven forever. He's Alive and He's coming for His bride. People get ready!


  1. Yes you are the God of Mercy Grace and Truth and I am in total agreement with this prayer thank you LORD JESUS. YOU ARE GOOD NEWS THAT THE WORLD NEEDS TO HEAR


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