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Calling on His Glory

I found out yesterday that a 40-day corporate prayer and fast is occurring in several churches across the United States. There's been this sense of urgency in the Church since this past weekends event that occurred on the Washington DC mall lawn. It was estimated that approximately 10 million people all over the world partook in this monumental prayer day, Saturday September 26, 2020. I tuned in to the prayer day from my phone and found myself flat on the floor before Jesus, agreeing in the powerful prayers that went out for our Nations. The Word of God tells us that every person will know who God is so that they will have a choice to choose His Son, Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. It also says that EVERY KNEE WILL BOW to God, even the demons. The last harvest is what Jonathan Cahn called this time in our world and I have to agree with Him. My spirit has this sense of urgency to bring as many people to Jesus to further His Kingdom. In saying all this I invite you all to join

Stand in the Victory

There comes a time in everyone’s walk with the Lord where we are faced with the choice to succumb to defeat or stand in victory. I have had the privilege of mentoring several women since I’ve been walking with the Lord and in that mentoring I have found a common theme – choice. Everything in our lives comes down to a choice – Will we choose the Advocate or will we choose the Adversary? It’s really that simple. Unfortunately, we human beings make this Christian walk much more complicated than it really is. Christianity isn’t about feelings, it’s about choice. I’m not saying we don’t experience feelings, but we don’t have to be fueled by them, we choose to be. If Jesus had been led by His feelings, I don’t think He would have faithfully sat at that table with the disciples for His last supper. He knew He was going to be betrayed. He knew He was going to be crucified. And He still showed up to that last supper being exactly who He was intended to be, our Savior. If you knew you were abo