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Feel and Hear My Heartbeat

Yesterday, Sunday at 4:18 AM I woke, startled and with a kind of heaviness in my chest like never before. I tried to shake it off and even considered taking a nitroglycerin tablet it was so intense. As I pushed the button on the coffee maker a song came over the speakers that caught my attention. I was listening to my favorite kind of worship mix, spontaneous worship. The words that struck me and made everything make sense were this: "I can hear the rhythm of the heartbeat of heaven." I recognized the song, something I had heard many many years ago. Originally Vineyard Music wrote the song, these are the lyrics: "Can you feel the rhythm of heaven Bringing freedom as we sing Can you feel the passion growing It is beating deep within We lay our pride on the floor We come to surrender our all You are the center of it all And that is why we fall Down on our knees We're here 'cause we heard your Spirit's call Now the curtain has been torn As we worship

Unshakable Hope & Unshakable Faith

I received a text this morning at 2:31 AM from my dad informing me he is sick with COVID19. My first thoughts were quite ominous - a mix of judgments, rationalizations and desperation.  I am human, but my heart, mind, body and soul belong to the God of Angel Armies. So after 3 calls and no answers, I cried out to that God of Angel Armies. A song came to my mind, one that is written on the tablet of my heart; Kim Walker-Smith, "Spirit Break Out." The chorus says this: "Spirit break out, Break our walls down; Spirit break out, Heaven come down" Nothing and no one except for God Almighty can save my dad's flesh and his soul. This I know to be true because nothing and no one except for God Almighty could save my flesh and my soul! My peace rests in the fact that God knows his heart and the true essence of who and what he believes. My father's life has not been a life that I would call "glorifying to God." Just like I did for 25 years, he has served